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Losing Hope by Nikki Dee

Losing Hope is the story of a young girl snatched from her mother when only five years old, and rediscovered in a burning house 15 years later.
It is the story of building trust and love, and searching for the mother/ daughter relationship that was taken away.
But as the truth behind Hope’s past is uncovered, will the scandals and secrets of the past rip apart the society from which she was taken.

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Front Cover My Gentle War 10 16 12 v1My Gentle War (Diary of an Essex Girl) by Joy Lennick

The affection Joy Lennick nee Mansfield felt and feels for Wales is immediately evident in this charming Memoir. Separated in World War II from her parents – with her father serving in the Air Force abroad and her mother working “in ammunitions” – she finds herself living on a mountain with her two brothers. It is a world away from the cosy environment of her home in Dagenham, Essex. Her story evokes the magic of childhood: from the discovery of nature’s minute miracles to the joy of using our five senses to the full. Joyce meets kindness and curiosity, as well as hostility…and discovers a valuable wealth of new experiences, not least the world of ‘dance.’ While bombs are raining on her home town, she is sliding down a Welsh slag tip on a piece of lino and alternately appearing in “Mother Goose” in Merthyr Tydfil’s main theatre. Learning that humour is the cement of survival, she also learns to cope with constant change and occasional heartache. And when at last the war ends, she discovers the meaning of unreigned happiness. Joy salutes all the many kind people who took in and cared for evacuees at a great time of need.

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Fallyn and the Dragons Front Cover v3 Fallyn and the Dragons by K J Rollinson

A magical adventure that sees Allan, his twin sister Eileen, and their best friend Martin called away from the ‘real’ world to the island of Nashta. There, Allan is given the name of Fallyn, and it is only he who can rescue King Rudri’s dragons and battle against Prince Bato who seeks to dispose his brother and take the crown for himself.

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Fallyn in the Forbidden Land Front Cover v2Fallyn in the Forbidden Land

In this second book Fallyn comes to the aid of the province of Orla which is being attacked by little red dragons. During their adventures Fallyn and friends encounter the Chougans. Some Chougans are captured by Prince Bato and forced to work as slaves. Fallyn and Merin are also captured but eventually rescued by King Rudri.

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Cardinals Front Cover BlueThe Cardinals of Schengen by Michael Barton

Jack Hudson, the UK Government’s Foreign Secretary, is brutally assassinated in his home.
His brother, Peter, in attempting to discover his brother’s murderer, uncovers a secret society known as Schengen that has been working toward realising the prophecy of the Fourth Reich since the end of the Second World War.
Hudson is framed for his brother’s murder, and as Schengen’s net draws tighter around him, he enlists the help of his ex-wife in a race against time to save himself and Europe from the grips of Schengen and an Al Queda plot that would see the continent changed forever.

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WOTWS Front Cover FinalWords on the Wild Side by Georgia Varjas

A collection of punchy poetry from the verbal volcano that is Georgia Varjas

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DD Front Cover 3Divine Damages by Georgia Varjas

This is a collection of ten elegant stories about the ends and means women will go to get even. Justice and sweet revenge has never been served quite so divinely as it is in this mischievous, ironic, and downright satisfying read. Bound to leave you fulfilled and gratified.

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Zeus Cover v4Hey! Zeus! by Janette Davies

This is the first offering by this new and quirky author, and available exclusively on Kindle. You’ll find an amusing little tale for every month of the year, which will have you giggling inside until your next fix of funny tale telling within the pages of Hey Zeus!

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Rode Front CoverThe Rode to Justice by KJ Rollinson

Detective John Rode knows New York like the back of his hand. He also knows that around every street corner is a homicide waiting to happen. When the call comes, Rode and his rookie, Gina Morris, are the ones called for. When murder is the main course, Rode makes sure the perpetrators get their just desserts.

Four stories of murder that will beg you to read more.

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Keep Write On Cover Front v2Keep Write On by Ian Govan with Michael Barton

Keep Write On is a collection of inklings and musings on the craft of writing and the English language from the founders of WordPlay Writers’ Forum, Ian Govan and Michael Barton.

The Spanish based group was formed at the beginning of 2010, and within three years had gained recognition by winning the UK’s Writing Magazine’s Writers’ Circle Anthology of the Year Award, 2012 with their collection of fiction Shorts for Autumn. Five of the writers featured in the anthology had completed a WordPlay Creative Writing Course and never before been previously published.

Unfortunately Ian passed away before he saw the reward his writing, enthusiasm, and mentoring of others so richly deserved.

In this book, posthumously published, his words and his spirit live on. Please note that 50% of all royalties from this book will go toward the Ian Govan Award, and 50% to Alzheimer’s Charities.

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