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Here Is Why You Should Self-Publish – BCNN1

This past week, my latest selfpublished book debuted at #7 on the New York Times bestseller list. Crunching some numbers, it appears that I’ve sold a million books in the last two years. You might think I’m living the best days 

Benjamin Franklin Awards for Self-Publishing Authors | Self …

Was your book published in 2013 or do you plan to complete publishing this year? If so, it’s never too early to begin thinking about entering the Benjamin Franklin Book Awards. The registration deadline for the Benjamin 

UK publisher Franklin lays into self-publishing TeleRead: News and …

By Paul St John Mackintosh · Andrew Franklin. UK independent publisher Andrew Franklin, founder and managing director of Profile Books, delivered a virulent assault on the current selfpublishing environment at the Literary 

Be inspired:

5 Cool Places to Find Writing Inspiration Online | My Literary Quest

This last week I finally finished the second draft of my book and am now taking a much needed break away from that story. After a few weeks I’ll have the perspective I need to be able to edit and revise. During my break I plan 

The Joy Is In the Struggle of Making: How Writers Get Their Ideas

In its most woo-woo use, “writer’s block” promotes the impractical and cosmic idea that something is blocking the transmission of magical creativity particles from entering our brains and delivering our “inspiration,” that 

Scared E Cat: Writing Inspiration: Where You At?

When finishing up a long writing project, like a novel, one often feels a huge sense of relief. Yes, there’s still much work to be done (time to don that editor’s hat and grab a red pencil) but there’s also a feeling of 

Finally, why not try out this great curate blog, all about modern world publishing


From Around the Web August 24th 2013

Lots of innovative publishing news this week

The faculty of the University of California (UC), the largest public research university in the world, have adopted an open-access policy in which they commit to make their research articles freely available to the public.

Amazon Publishing Announces the Launch of ‘Icons’ Connect. TeleRead – News and views on ebooks, libraries, publishing and related topics · HOME| · AROUND THE WORLD| · EREADERS| · LIBRARY| · COPYRIGHT| 

Gilbert’s data was derived from news publishing operations, but Charman-Anderson concludes, not unreasonably, that the same argument applies to book publishers. “It is not enough to dabble, to make adjustments here and 

Books are going to get cheaper

Has the vicious end-game scenario we discussed just yesterday — whereby a government-sanctioned makes its move to cement its position as the most colossal monopoly in publishing history, and to savor the 

The US Department of Justice said Friday that tech giant Apple must cut ties with the five publishers with which it was found guilty of running an e-book price-fixing scheme.

Self-Publishing News

PUBLISHING. More on TechnologyTell: Gadget News | Apple News I’m a genre fiction writer, so I wrote the above piece from my perspective, not thinking that selfpublishing encompasses a wider field than my own.

The popularity of selfpublished titles rises when looking at certain categories, with the selfpublished share of e-book volume sales more than 20% in areas such as crime, science fiction and fantasy, romance and humour.

Essentials of Writing as Art and SelfPublishing with David W. Stewart. Posted by Lou Belcher at 9:24 AM. Labels: David W. Stewart, Essentials of Writing as Art and SelfPublishing, workshop 

Bookshops still closing…

It has felt like a tsunami of bad news of late with so many Bookshop closures. The UK has lost 26% of its Bookshops since 2006 (over 400 outlets according to the Booksellers Association) and many of these are Christian 

In 2009, the number of Australian bookshops stood at around 2270. Following the REDgroup administration, and other shop openings and closures, we know that this figure is now around the 2000 mark. Some suburbs and 

But it is not only the pricing war that is leading to bookshop closures. Yesterday I was saddened to learn that Richmond’s specialist children’s bookseller and former winner of the independent bookshop of the year award, Lion 

I recall my astonishment at seeing the complete Loeb Classical Library at a huge Barnes & Noble store near Lincoln Center in New York and the complete works of Italo Calvino in a large Borders bookstore on Michigan Avenue in Chicago. Now that particular B&N store is closed and Borders …… I used to love bookstores; I would still love them if I had time to hang out in them now, I’m sure, but they’re slowly all closing down. How do people not realize how sad this is?

And breaking news as I compile this:

Magical Marketing or a Literary Coup: You Decide

So, JK Rowling has been magically exposed as the pen behind the critically acclaimed ‘debut’ crime novel, The Cuckoo’s Calling, by one Robert Galbraith. Thanks to an ‘expose’ by the Sunday Times, who followed an ‘anonymous tip’, we now know the new author is, in fact, none other than the Harry Potter author.

Now, before you read on, I want to tell you that I have more than the utmost respect for Ms Rowling, and loved every one of her Harry Potter books. However, I can’t help but think this unveiling of her nom-de-plume is little more than an ingenious marketing ploy.

It is no secret that the honourable lady wishes to carve out a career in adult fiction. However, her first effort, The Casual Vacancy, though a commercial success because of her name on it, somewhat bombed with the critics. A follow-up was likely to be less well received by the buying public.

So, what to do? How about release a new novel in the crime genre under a pseudonym. And then engineer a number of very positive critiques from well-known and respected crime authors, perhaps. How about people like Val McDermid and Mark Billingham. McDermid said of the book that it reminded her of “why I fell in love with crime fiction in the first place”. Billingham called the main character, Cormoran Strike, private eye, “one of the most unique and compelling detectives I’ve come across in years”. Praise indeed from such luminaries; both of whom, by the way, are published through the Little Brown Group which happens to be the publishing group behind this latest JK Rowling effort. A healthy helping of nepotism, anyone?

But let’s look further.

Having received such high critical acclaim, one would expect the book to have sold like hot cakes. But it turns out that just 1500 hardback copies were sold in the two and a half months since it was published.

The solution is to do what the publisher was always going to do: reveal the real writer as a certain JK Rowling. But this time the book must be better than The Casual Vacancy, because look at the praise for it from authors of the genre. The book, undoubtedly, will sell in its thousands now whether in actuality it is good, bad, or indifferent. It will not matter a jot what the reading public truly thinks of the book: the publisher will have made its turn.

Now call me a cynic. Call me anything you like. But this whole saga smacks not of a ‘literary coup’ as the Sunday Times have termed it, but rather a marketing coup by the publisher. I would not be at all surprised to see the book serialised by The Sunday Times or one of its sister publications in due course: after all, front page publicity does not come cheap.

From Around the Web, July 13th 2013

the world of writingWriting Tips from elsewhere

Different publications have different style rules about how to write numbers and fractions. Find out more about them here.

You’ll never run out of fantastic ideas to write about when you understand how your brain ticks. Want to know the best way to delve into the content goldmine of your intuitive mind? Treasure is buried deep, so play therapist 

Digital age to help children learn to write?

For 25 years I told myself “someday I will write a book!” But someday isn’t on any calendar. Someday is never going to show up on your doorstep. Someday is a lie. And I was stuck. Maybe you’re a writer who is stuck too.


The pen’s orthography and calligraphy modes are perfect for children learning to write and you won’t even need an app or computer to power the artificial intelligence behind the tiny computer. Parents can also keep an eye on 

It’s often seen as the preserve of the vain and talentless but selfpublishing is undergoing something of an image makeover, according to new research from Kingston University.

While GalleyCat shared the great news this week that a children’s book author has cracked the selfpublished bestsellers list, many children’s aut.

It’s literally been years since publishing industry experts first scoffed at the current selfpublishing methods, as the book world as a whole loo. Sign up for Weekly News from Good e-Reader. Email Address 

Dennis Lehane and Michael Connelly. Lee Child and Joseph Finder.

From Around the Web, July 6th 2013

planet_earth-13848Written about the teaching of writing

The Ozarks Writing Project (OWP) invited 500 students in grades 5-8 to the Missouri State University campus for the Youth Writing Conference in May. This day of writing offered young writers and their teachers a 

In a recent conversation with my mother-in-law, I discussed my frustration with teaching writing. She lamented that students really learned to write in high school and many secondary schools were failing at that task.

Does this mark the end of the pen?

Schools drop cursive writing, students ability to read historical documents is in jeopardy! Submitted by The vile Dept. of Education secretly decided to remove cursive in favor of more focus on keyboarding. For some reason 

Publishing News

Traditional News: 15-year-old gets a book deal for her YA memoir. Beth Lamb named associate publisher at Vintage. Digital news:

When the bell tolls…

After sales of the e-reader and tablet line fell 34% in the company’s fiscal fourth quarter, which ended in April, Barnes & Noble (BKS, Fortune 500) executives said Tuesday that it’s time for a change in strategy.

Meanwhile Amazon expands….

Amazon Publishing will set the price for most works between $0.99 and $3.99 … Amazon Publishing will pay royalties to both the World Licensors and the author. Your standard royalty rate (for works of 10,000 words or more) 

Crowdfunding: Pain and Pleasure

So what is crowd-funding? Crowd-funding started as a way for independent artists to directly call upon the public to help fund their film, book or album, and it is a glorious way around the studio or traditional publishing systems 



From Around the Web June 29th 2013

Some old news worth repeating….

http://toc.oreilly.comFri, 12 Apr 2013 18:09:50 GMT

Will rise in self-publishing leave world’s digital have-nots behind? Barnes & Noble announced this week it has upgraded and rebranded its PubIt! self-publishing platform and is launching Nook Press…

http://www.mediabistro.comFri, 31 May 2013 11:28:45 GMT

In an effort to consolidate our reporting, we will release a monthly Self-Publishing Intelligence Report that links to all of our resources for indie authors. Below, we’ve linked to our bestseller lists and the top news stories about 

Just how far will bookshops go to save themselves?

http://www.thebookseller.comFri, 19 Apr 2013 11:23:58 GMT

An Australian bookseller is calling on customers to dump their Kindles in a bin as part of a ‘Kindle Amnesty’. Pages & Pages in Sydney, run by the Australian Booksellers Association president Jon Page, said it will give 

Wow, Canada considering self-publishers as worthy writers…

not if freelance editor Margaret Reardon gets her way. She thinks all self-publishers are semi-literate typers of a vanity books’ (btw, WordPlay does not recommend using her services).

http://www.quillandquire.comThu, 09 May 2013 20:23:28 GMT

The assumption that selfpublished authors are semi-literate hacks who only write vanity books is offensive. I am considering self-publishing. I have an Honours BA (Ist Class) and an M.A. (with a 4.0 GPA). I was recruited by 

Kindle ebook best sellers

http://www.teleread.comFri, 21 Jun 2013 20:21:51 GMT

Amazon has created a special Web page reporting their best-selling Kindle e-books of 2013 (so far). But what’s fascinating is how different that list is from Amazon’s other list of this year’s best-selling printed books. In fact, only 

Join the argument…

http://goodereader.comMon, 17 Jun 2013 04:37:05 GMT

Selfpublished authors with their insistent need to spam social media and pump out a copious amount of horrible ebooks are ruining the modern onli.

http://goodereader.comTue, 18 Jun 2013 10:47:18 GMT

Full disclosure: Per yesterday’s comments, I wish to state that I am a selfpublished author and I have two college degrees, including a graduate writ.

Finally, condolences from WordPlay to the family and friends of Vince Flynn

http://minnesota.publicradio.orgWed, 19 Jun 2013 13:46:05 GMT

Minnesota author Vince Flynn’s publisher, Simon and Schuster, has confirmed that Flynn has died. MPR News remembers St. Paul author, Vince Flynn · Interview with author Vince Flynn from 2000 on ‘The Third Option’.

From Around The Web June 22 2013

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eBooks and Publishing

The Publishing Cafe: Jim Carrey says selfpublishing is cool!

During an interview with HitFix, Carrey explained: “I’m going to selfpublish, because that’s just the world right now and I think it’s cool.” He also promised that the book will be “beautifully-illustrated,” telling the story of a little 

Self Publishing Blogs

Hugh Howey on why he favors selfpublishing – Boing Boing

There are two possibilities. Your book might be in the top 1 percent of what readers are looking for — whether by the magic of your plot or the grace of your prose — in which case you are far better off selfpublishing

Hey, Andrew Franklin: Selfpublished books enhance my world

I bring up the fact that some selfpublished books were not good because of a post I read on Good E-Reader. But first let me say some of the indie books I read were actually wonderful. I read a fun thriller that revolved around 

New Self Publishing News Blog

David Wilk, Writerscast host, has created a new blog called Self Publishing News on Tumblr to track new developments in self publishing for writers and others.nkings. Digital Book World lists its eBook bestsellers of the week.

7 Tips for Using Social Media to Market Your Book – McGirr Enterprises

When using social media platforms to market your book, the idea is to build the kind of lasting connection with your fans and readers that will naturally lead to them telling others about you and your book. Be the person they 

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