Welcome to WordPlay

IMG_1209[1]WordPlay is different to most other writers’ circles. Whereas others concentrate on readings by their members, and then having those readings critiqued by others, WordPlay fills a gap that is often left untended.

Our aim is to encourage writers to write, and then get them read. So not only do we put together regular anthologies, but we also concentrate our forum meetings on the things that matter to all writers that want to see their words in print. We look at industry changing news, methods of writing, technology, discuss what works and what doesn’t when marketing your work, competitions and other outlets available to writers. We hold workshops dedicated to areas such as website development and content, and book formatting, as well as the art of creative writing.

More than that, we help our members get their work published. We get involved in the process with them, helping with cover creation, internal formatting, marketing ideas, and pricing. WordPlay Writers’ Forum has already been responsible for more than a dozen writers seeing their work published for the first time, with several members also having published books through WordPlay or set to do so in the next twelve months. In fact, this process has proved so successful that we have set up a self-publishing company that is dedicated to helping writers everywhere see their work come to market.

IMG_1210[1]We are a group dedicated to helping each other, discussing the things that matter to writers in an open and honest environment. At WordPlay you are encouraged to write. And then you are helped to get your words read.

4 thoughts on “Welcome to WordPlay

  1. Hi. I tried to email but the address showing isn’t correct.
    I write reviews for the Sol Times and would like to write a review on your latest anthology if you can send a copy to me. I live in Torrevieja.My blog contains some of my published reviews if you want to have a look.Thanks.

  2. Congratulations everyone! Your group sounds wonderful. Although I’m a published crime/mystery writer, I attend the Llanelli Writers’ Circle run by the dedicated Carole Ann Smith, and always come away inspired and humbled by the other writers’ work. Good luck with the publishing too! Sally Spedding

    • Thanks Sally,

      we’re chuffed to bits with what’s happening with our group and its writers. Our publications go through WordPlay Publishing Limited (www.wordplay-publishing.com), which is a UK registered company. I’m over in England and Wales doing a bit of a tour in November, talking to writers’ circles about our journey, what we are, and what WordPlay Publishing is and how it differs to others. If you’d like me to make a detour to your neck of the woods to chat to your group, please let me know (I’ll be available around 12th to 14th November at the moment, though am getting booked pretty quick). In the meantime, please feel free to wander around our sites, and all power of the pen to you and your writers.


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